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23 Jul, 2018


The seaside resort town, Digha is located 181.5km south of Kolkata. Digha Beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions of West Bengal. The 7kms long beach is located near the town. Also known as ‘Brighton of the east’, Digha beach will instantly make you fall in love with it. With gentle waves, this shallow sand beach is considered safe for swimming. The beach is located at the border of Odisha and is lined with Casuarina trees. Digha ais divided into New Digha and Old Digha. Old Digha is presently in ruins, but New Digha is popular among tourists.

Things to do: Enjoy a nice swim at Digha. The swaying Casuarina trees, the sand and the waves will relax you. The beach is the perfect location to spend your time if you are nature lover.

Best time to go: November to February is the best time to visit Digha.

Driving distance: 181.5km (4 hours 17 minute)

Where to stay: Hotel Rohini International Contact us for many mor options to find the best hotels in Digha.

Tips:  It is recommended to book a local rickshaw to reach Digha beach.

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